The museum is born in a space that was used for shipbuilding and it pays homage to the hard-working fishermen who have contributed for the development of this territory.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Maçarico family shipyard operated in the site where the Museum is located today. Around the yaer 1920 José Fernando Pata wrote a letter, perhaps to the Civil Government, proposing the construction of a primary school and, in 1929, the Naval Shipyard was relocated to Casal de Vale Palha and the construction of the first elementary school in Ribamar begins.

The School was for both boys and girls and consisted of the north room - Sala da Orientação no Mar (Orientation Room at Sea) - which served as accommodation for the teacher, and the south room - which will be the Fishermen's Room - where classes took place.

Later, education was divided: girls had classes in the morning, and boys in the afternoon. Years went by and times changed, and when the teacher no longer lived at the school, the south room became the girls' room and the north room was for the boys. In the 1960s, a new elementary school was built and, since then, this place has been called Escola Velha (old school).

In 2020, at the Old Fishermen School, the OLHAR O MAR museum is born!