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Ribamar is in the municipality of Lourinhã and it is distinctly a fishing town.

Inspired by its story and its people, the “Olhar o Mar” (“Looking at the Sea”) space is born -- its purpose is to preserve and to make public its historical, cultural and ethnographic heritage, both material and immaterial, related to the theme of the Sea: the History of fishing and fisherman, techniques and sailing tools, orientation and maritime communication.

A project is underway creating the necessary conditions for the visit of a nucleus dedicated to the history of fishing and the memory of fishermen, in the village of Ribamar, introducing interpretation supports that meet the highest accessibility and inclusion requirements.

Collection and Preservation of Intangible Heritage
Artisanal Fishing
High Sea Fishing
Collection and Preservation of Intangible Heritage

This project aims at the constitution of an Ethnographic Archive and the collection and preservation of the intangible heritage of the land, recording the stories and memories of the local inhabitants.

Photo provided by Valério Fernandes. This and other memories will be disseminated through the exhibition and archive of the future “Olhar o Mar” Museum.

Artisanal Fishing

It is mainly characterized by family labor and small vessels. The activity is carried out only with the manual work of the fisherman based on the knowledge transmitted from generation to generation.

Initially, fishermen in Ribamar practiced only artisanal fishing. At a certain point, with the passing of the years and the advancement of technology, the fishermen of Ribamar begin to venture out and exchange Porto ...

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High Sea Fishing

This type of fishing requires large vessels and instruments to support navigation.

Museological Space
"Olhar o Mar"


Avenida da Liberdade, nº 53
2530-628 Ribamar, Lourinhã